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Indian Heritage

All over the world, Indian cultural heritage is well known among eminent personalities. We are proud of our land and resources. That inspired me for drawing Indian traditional paintings and Indian heritage paintings. Those are the people specialized in aspects such as religion, attire, and festivals. Every region has its own resources, and have indigenous climate. They have specific soil and its own type of people. Indian culture paintings are my soul of creations. Being an Indian, it expands my creativity to explore the painting vested in our culture. In turn, that reflects my works even in the minute detail.      

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To create beautiful Indian paintings collection, it is challenging to do figurative works. Inspirations for many figurative paintings by Indian artists are from their livelihood. Indian figurative paintings does have some prerequisites while starting out to paint. Figurative paintings have a figure. It is an interesting process to put the organs right in the place and bringing out the color of the skin. The color of the skin differs from country to country and region to region. Skin effects are due to the change in climate, temperature, and moisture in the air. It also makes up for the food that is only consumed in that area. Painting the skin requires basic background information of the people and their ethnicity.

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If you are someone interested in art and would like to learn the basics, please follow this section of the site. We have a lot of demo sites and there will be corresponding tutorials posted soon. All the best.

As an art enthusiast and a painter, I come across many artists, both young and old, daily. When most are attracted to abstract paintings and easier craftworks like Tanjore, pot and glass paintings, I find realistic artists a rare species. Ramya Sadhasivam is one of those rare species who is indulged in doing oil paintings in a realistic style. She selects difficult subjects mostly from real life. Her paintings are filled with living human beings from common life with a pure south Indian flavor. Dark skinned poor people walk in her canvasses. To bring out their skin tone is itself a hard thing for people who practice oil paintings and she easily wins in the process. She gives life to her subjects with proper lights and shades. Her animals vibrate with life. The backgrounds, whether interior or exterior are aptly painted to bring out the beauty of the main subjects. Her rarity is again proved with her nude paintings. I haven’t come across any lady artists painting nudes recently. When many shy away, Ramya tries to paint nudes of women with great artistic skills. Her experiments on lights and shades and skin tones can be compared with any senior artists. I wish this genuine artist a great future in the field of Art!

V JeevananthanPresident, Chitrakala Academy, Coimbatore

I came to know her about 4 years ago on Facebook. She has been doing some incredible works as far as I have observed. Her focus on how to embrace ethnicity is what impresses me a lot. She has shown tremendous improvement since then. I wish her all the very best in her endeavors.

Devendhira Poopathy BhaskarasethupathyJoint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes at Government of TN

I have known Ramya for quite sometime now. I got to know her through Facebook and we met at the Mylapore park once where it was a group show and she happened to display her works. Her genre is realistic works, though not a style that would impress me her intention to register the happenings of the culture and society impressed me. Her works touch your heart in a few ways. When you take a deep look at them, you can feel the life of a living being in it. I wish her all the best in her life.

Charu NiveditaPostmodern, Transgressive Tamil writer

RamyaSadasivam and myself have been friends for about 9 years now. She was introduced to me fresh from college. She is an intelligent girl with good flow of language and a lot of energy. I wanted to make use of her intelligence and suggested her to write a book. She took my advice and did a book for us targeting college goers. The book did will. However she took a turn later on in her life and started pursuing art seriously. She is quite a determined person believing in giving her best in whatever she takes in hand. I wish her all the best!

Olivannan GopalakrishnanChief Executive Officer at Emerald Publishers

Artist Ramya Sadasivam’s figurative genre painting depict particularly the Indian rural life. Expressionist, the artist tries to bring out the emotions of the characters and not to reproduce the reality as such, and naïve as far as volume, perspective and colours are concerned. In fact the colours are determined by the fantasy and taste of the painter with a Dravidian sociological background. Ramya Sadasivam has taken a strong position, and wages an aesthetic war to liberalize and modernize the perception of human bodies and to reconnect it to the roots of ancient Indian imagery (sculptures).

Appadourai ArvindDirector at Tiasci Music – Paalam Publications
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